Financial Literacy Initiative

CFA Society Cyprus decided to expand its community outreach effort, with a focus on helping build and promote financial literacy in 2018. The aim of the programme is for members of the Society to present basic financial concepts to public and private lyceum students, in order to prepare them for the financial choices they will come across as adults. Specifically, CFA Society Cyprus’ presentations on financial literacy cover a broad range of financial topics, such as Financial Planning, Budgeting, Debt, Banks and Financial Markets, Compound Interest and Investment Choices.
A total of 2,000 students had the opportunity to attend our presentations since January 2019 with the support and permission of the Ministry of Education which now initiates and coordinates our presentations to public schools.

Local advocacy to raise standards and affect change in markets and regulations

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As part of our Society’s commitment to the CFA’s strategic objectives and principles to advance our members value and promote integrity and ethics in our local industry through its three sub-committees.

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